Immigration in Bangkok – extend Thai wife visa

If you have Thai wife and plan to stay in Thailand, then i will tell you a story.

My friends said before that if you stay in Thailand you have to deal with the most unfriendly people in the world.
Since i was new to this i not believe him so much. But after i have been staying in Thailand now for 2 years i have to say that is the truth.

Not in any other country you will see people that act like this. My friend also continued that they only smile because the not understand one sh..

And again i said no how can you say that. They smile and are friendly from you enter the plane.

“They only want people to visit so they can get money” my friend said.

Well after 2 years i must eat my own words.

If you want help with anything in Thailand you have to have money. No help get done for free.

But i will help other people today.

If you want to extend Thai wife visa then you need to know this. I have scanned this paper from Immigration to you. You will not find this information at immigration web page.

So what happen is that you go by taxi to immigration wait for a whole day. Then they say no you not have done this and that.

You need to have 40 000 baht a month or 400 000 baht that has been in a Thai account.

But trust me on this.
The officer will give you a hard time. They will say :

a)”You need to show an account in Thailand with …..”
b) ” You need to have your ……”

The reason is so many.And only a Thai can fix all that these people find out.

What really is needed is a letter from your embassy that tell your income.
And make your income into Thai  Baht.

This letter immigration will take the original.

Where do i fix this

In Bangkok you need to go immigration

 Web page here :

Map and adresse:


Available Services for extension of temporary stay in Thailand, Notofication of address every 90 days, Permanent Resident Permit , Visa Issuing and Changing type of Visa, Re-entry Permit ,
Alien Registration, Endorsement and Re-entry Visa for Resident Certificate holders.
At The Govenment Complex Commemorating His Majesty The King Chaengwattana
Tel : 0-2141-9889 , Fax : 0-2143-8228

Office hour: Mon-Fri 8:30 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 16:30

Lunch time 1200 to 1300

Location :
The Govenment Complex Commemorating His Majesty , B Building , Floor 2 (South Zone)
Chaengwattana Road (Soi 7) , Laksi , Bangkok 10210

tell taxi this:
“Pai Chaengwattana Road (Soi 7) Govenment Complex, na krap”

If you want to see information on the webpage it is like this
And how can you find out anything on this pag?

Here is how they want extend visa recipe (Download form under)

Form for extend Visa and the rules


Forms you need:

Tm. 7 –  Download here

All forms that you need.

Where do you go to do this.

You go to L section (See map i draw)

How much it cost ?

    • Single entry: 1,900.- Baht
    • Multiple entries within 1 year: 3,800.- Baht


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