Bangkok Prep gains 3rd place at Tournament of Minds


A group of Primary children aged from 6 to 11 years participated in the Tournament of Minds in March. Team Bangkok Prep (students from Year two and three) were the youngest students to participate on the day and ranked 3rd (1st NIST; 2nd RBIS) from over 50 participating schools in Asia. They wowed both audiences and judges, receiving some glowing feedback on their participation. Bangkok Prep is delighted to announce their place as one of the top two teams on the trail challenge – a fantastic achievement.


The Tournament of Minds (TOM) is an international programme, designed to give students the opportunity to participate in creative activities involving stimulating open-ended challenges which demand experimentation, and reward divergent thinking. The activities aim to support learning and develop the role of individuals within a team structure. Teams are made up of 7 students from at least two year groups. There were 58 teams (including children from Primary and Secondary) participating in the Asia tournament from schools across Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Bangladesh.


Bangkok Prep had students from both key stage one, and two, taking part. The students worked on a long term challenge over six weeks, a spontaneous challenge and also a trail challenge, on the day. Our students were able to use their team working skill which coincidently was Bangkok Prep’s Life Value of the month this March, to work collaboratively on a range of problems which required excellent creative communication and problem solving approaches.


Team Brainy Bulldogs (made up of students from Year 5 and 6) were also given some excellent feedback on their skills. Bangkok Prep is proud to announce that they came third in the primary division for their discipline (language and literature) on the combined results of the long term and the spontaneous challenges. Again this was due to the planning, effort and teamwork.

“Tournament of Minds was a brilliant event this year and it really showed how talented students can be when they work in teams and are put to the test to solve difficult challenges. The Year 5 and 6 TOM team showed enthusiasm and diligence and I am very proud of their efforts!”, said Ms Jacqueline Kyle, Year 5 teacher at Bangkok Prep.

Maresa Donaldson and Jacqueline Kyle
Team Facilitator





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