Thailand bad drivers

I have many times got angry how Thai people drive. So i have now put a video camera in my car to show how the “Thai way” to drive is.

Thai people never got the education we have in the west. And i understand now why they not can drive in other places then in Thailand.

I will in an own Youtube channel put out videos about how bad Thai people drive.
Their biggest problem is “The circle” or as we say the roundabout.

Here is a lesson from youtube:

Also Thai people never use turning signal when they change lane, go out from the roundabout.
Also after years in Thailand i have friends that really open my eyes about “The Thai smile” or the land of the smile.
Thai people with education tell why people smile.
1. The not understand what you saying
2.To save face they smile
My friend say it straight out and that is that the rudes people in the world come from Thailand.
And i have to say i agree with him.

 So i will upload video to my new youtube channel “Bad drivers of Thailand”

 Until my channel is done watch these videos.

Crazy Thai drivers FAIL at stopping for red lights. Insane video!!!

Bad driver

 Watch how they drive past a car. They not think about a car can come in opposite direction at all.

They just want to save time, about 1 sec and are the rudes people in the world.

 Bad Driving in Thailand

Also i will post all about traffic learning in Thailand. In Norway you have to go long study how to drive.
In thailand you almost get the driving license in 1 day.

And now thai understand the markings on the road.

Ask a Thai this.

Download PDF fil of signs and what is mean and then ask

1.”Can you tell me what these signs are

2. Ask a Thai to tell you what this mean on the road

 I believe a Thai never know what this is .

So i will give you the worst drivers in the world award to Thailand.

I want to see if any other country can beat this bad drivers

 “And the award goes to Thai drivers”
The worst drivers in the world

 Monkey driving a car 

Fail Compilation (Asia)


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