Sushi causes growing popularity for Norwegian Salmon in Thailand

Norwegian salmon is growing in popularity in South-East Asia, and Norway is the leading supplier of fresh salmon into the region. According the Jon Erik Steenlid, Director of Norwegian Seafood Council in South-East Asia, the increasing consumption in the Japanese dish sushi is to thank for the growing popularity for Norwegian salmon.

“Particularly in Thailand, but also in other countries in the region, one of the main drivers for the increased consumption of fresh Norwegian salmon is raw consumptions through Japanese restaurants and sushi,” says Steenslid and explains that more than 50 percent of total sales of sushi is salmon or salmon products, and Norway being the market leader have the most preferred fish for this purpose. He therefore sees great potential for Norwegian seafood in South-East Asia.

“We believe with the increased popularity of Japanese food, and also the work that we do to position Norwegian salmon in this market, the potential here is still very interesting. We also believe that the consumptions of the Norwegian salmon will increase in the coming years, and that this will become an even more important market for Norwegian salmon,” says Jon Erik Steenslid, Norwegian Seafood Council’s director for South-East Asia.

Source: Undercurrent News


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