Surgery Thai woman what you get ,when you marry her ?

When the married become an endless surgery.


Today i have been  thinking about surgery that now som many girls in thailand do.

Many men belive they was born like this and not understand how thai nowadays seen plastic surgery.

First take a look at this:

 So let us talk little about what many of them do.

First nose:

Isaan girls normally not have any nose bone. And also some Thai girls do not have too.

So why i say Isaan and Thai girls. Yes it is a differens. And i want men to learn that.

Issan woman read here.

Poor girls who want to marry to be rich.

Twelve years of schooling is mandatory throughout Thailand.

Many people, however, don’t go to school anywhere near that length of time. The vast major of the Isaan people have finished grammar school at best.

One obstacle to a good education is, certainly, finances. The people are poor and for most families, children start work at a young age. There are also expenses involved with education.

All children, from kindergarten through 12th grade, are required to wear uniforms. However, many can’t afford the uniforms in the first place. Some families with two children, for example, can only afford one uniform. They buy a large uniform which is shared between the children.

Having only one uniform, one of the children must be absent every day. Another problem is transportation to and from school. Most villages have a grammar school which is close enough for the children to walk to. Often, though, the high school is in the nearest market town, which can be many miles away, separated by unkempt, dilapidated roads.

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I only use this to show where they come from.Many of them after they meet a farang forget where they come from. And become “Hiso” as they say in thailand.Meanng they are high society girls. And only come back to this area to “show of” how well they have done. What they so, well the farange and how much he can provide for them.

I not say all is like this. But there are at least 80 % of them that are in bad egg basket.

A fast search and here is the picture i found.


Thai Girls.

The do have education and have simular behavior as educated en from the west.
The normally have a good job, because the have study up to master.
And they are woman that in fact has no problem to live alone.(Strong woman)

If you meet this kind of woman you are more lucky i would say.
The reason is that you not need to “Always help them”.

Isaan woman have to get help. And if they get a job. It will be as Thai people say.
A lower kind of job. A cleaner, a food seller, contractor and so on.

After surgery you can not tell the differens between Thai and isaan Woman.

And here is my point.

If you marry a woman that come from Isaan, it is an person that not have got to learn many things. Also how to behave your self.

Some things you can not go to a  doctor to fix!

Whitening Injections

 Here is one girl who take this:

Yes because Thai girls want to look white. And that is why you see thai girls go with an umbrella when it is sun.

Here is some info about glutathione injection 

And these whitning treatment she will have to go to thailand to do. So you will have nagging about ” I want to go thailand to fix…. this and that”

Because in europe i belive we not do this treatment. And a white woman want to become darker. So then these treatment she have to fly to thailand to do.

And she might have to ask to go many time. My friend had to do this 4-6 times for his wife.

And i ask you WHY!!!

I just say, if i wanted a car. And i really would tryto get it. Then i save my money or take an xtra job where i could get my dream.

And when i finally had enough money i would buy my dream car.
BUT not these isaan woman.

In their head you are the one who should give them their dream.

And that is for many thing. So in my mind i think, ” when you have a small kid near the candy. And you say NO. And he or she tottaly lose it in the shop. And you stand there and thinking ” ohhh my GOD i hope nobody i know see how my kid is”

Like this kid.Only the kid is you wife from isaan.And she should know better. But her mum never teach her enough.Remeber only basic school. And you really have  a 25 year – 35 year old kid with makeup and alots of surgery done.

The famous V-Shap

This is how thai girls want their face to look like

To do this they use meso fat and botox.

And they need to go almost every year to maintain this shap. Some have to go every half year.
So to keep your beautiful wife then you might need to pay for it if you choose wrong girl.

Because a strong thai girl would manage this herself.

Open eye and contact lense
Did you know that they do eye to look like farange.

Here is an man.

And see his eyes. Also they use contact lenses to get bigger eyes.

2 layer thai call this treatment and some even uses tape sold to make you eyes become bigger. Something you will never find in europe.

Contact lenese is not exensive it cost 100 – 150 bath  in cheap places.

In my head again.

WHY make your eyes not look like asian ? This is just strange. You have an “Asian – farange clone thing”.

If you marry woman after surgery. And you as many others belive that this is a Thai girl. Then you might be in for a “bumpy ride”

Here is the reason. And thai woman , yes thai woman does not need you really.And she can find an man in asia easy. So if she marry she do it out of love.

An isaan woman marry only for changing her life. And hopefully an education in your home place.
You will become a teacher without knowing that. She want you to learn her everything, from english to ways to improve her future. 

And you will have to pay for her new surgery.If not then all hell breaks lose. 

But think about this. If you have a kid, then her orginal look will come to your baby.
Did you want that? And maybe you have to pay for the baby surgery when she or him become 16 years old.

As the audio clip in the top show. Many girls become “pretty girls“. Yes it is called that. Meaning is that their job is to be the face out for the company product.

And you will see them in center and shopping mall where they talk in a speaker and is so annoying that you real want to just leave the center.

Yes sshe might become nice to look on. But if you just have basic education and many things as normal behavior is not learned. Then  you have a pretty girl with no brain and you have to teach her all .

You know what i think you not wanted that. You wanted a woman that at least could handle to turn on a washing machine . And was able to learn some kind of work later on.

  • So white skin 6 month
  • Botox and mesofat 6 month
  • Surgery for big eyes
  • Nosebone surgery

And you end up with a beautiful 25-35 year old 
“baby ” woman that is not able to fix anything by herself.

Why in Gods name do anybody want that.
Then i have to say better to get an white woman. A least she has education and will take care of her own needs. And she know how to turn on washing machine . (Only use to make a point)



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