Scandinavian Business Seating highlights HAG Capisco

HÅG Capisco Puls 8010, HÅG Capisco Puls 8020

As people are returning from their annual leave, Scandinavian Business Seating (SBS) – a designer and producer of Scandinavian designed office chairs – highlights the extraordinary HAG Capisco chair from Norway, intended both for the home and work environment.

Today’s workplace and advanced technology, forces us to sit for countless hours every day. Those who care about the health of their employees and families and want to prevent future back issues from sitting, you should explore the HAG Capisco chair!

“The original HAG Capisco chair is a design classic that has been around for the last 32 years. As the largest office chair manufacturer in Europe, the HAG Capisco chair is still today the best- selling chair under SB Seating, which is based on its unique design and comfort that makes it a leader amongst chairs worldwide,” says Henrik Meltesen, Regional Sales Manager SEA, SB Seating.

“Comfort comes from movement and variation, which HAG chairs inspire, better than any other chair in the market, together with exceptional posture. In addition, the HAG Capisco enables the user to work at all heights and positions, which makes it the ideal chair to use at height adjustable workstation.”

“On multiple occasions employees at companies that use our chairs, contact us to purchase a chair to maintain the same level of comfort when sitting at home ” adds Henrik.


The HAG Capisco chair was designed by the pioneering designer and artist Peter Opsvik in 1984 and is known for both its exceptional comfort and as a design classic. As the only chair in the market, that allows you to sit at all heights, which makes it extremely versatile and fit for all type of purposes and people. The chair is now available in Asia at SB Seating – Making the world a better place to sit!


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