Norway shares experience on Sovereign Wealth Fund with Myanmar

From left; Ambassador Tones Tinnes, Thomas Kring, UNDP, U Myat Thu, Chairperson of Yangon School of Political Science, Dr. Juergen Braunstein, London School of Economics and Political Science, and David Allen from Spectrum.

Tone Tinnes, Ambassador of Norway to Myanmar, shared the experience from Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund on Thursday 29 June 2017 at an event organised by Yangon School of Political Science.

Yangon School of Political Science hosted “Political Science and Public Policy: the creation of a Myanmar Sovereign Wealth Fund” at Park Royal Hotel. The ceremony was opened by opening remark of U Myat Thu, the chairperson of Yangon School of Political Science. Over 100 participants joined the event.

The event discussed how Myanmar can ensure effective redistribution of wealth from the natural resources sector through the creation of a state owned fund. The Norwegian Embassy stressed good tax policy, transparency and sharing wealth with future generations are among lessons learned.


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