New schools and water supply system for Mon community

Students and the only teacher in Snit Kwee village chat during the mid-day school break in their new classroom.

On Monday 5 June 2017, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Yangon visited the Kroeng Batoi Area in Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar, where Norway in partnership with the International Labour Organisation, ILO, has initiated a project to support the recovery of Mon communities and to contribute to the on-going peace process.

The purpose of the project is rehabilitation of social and rural infrastructure through a community based approach and the empowerment of conflict-affected communities.

Infrastructures such as water supply system, schools, rural health centres were built mainly by the community contractors with technical support of ILO.

More than 2500 people from 9 villages covered in the project area said the project helps them to settle permanently in their villages as peaceful conditions gradually prevails.



Photo: The head of Taw Lewi village showing the water supply system built for 430 people in the village.


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