Motefrysningen Fashion Freezta

På norsk Fashion Freeze (ikke Freezta), stod det: motefrys. Stod der en halvtime inne, ta bilder, også ut igjen. Det var eneste i 2016 på Fashion Freezta. Det var der ikke noe i 2017 og 2018, i hvertfall som jeg så. Fashion Freezta 2016 var i CentralFestival Pattaya Beach (เซ็นทรัลเฟสติวัล พัทยา บีช).

Unøyatig translate:

Announcing the names of the winners of the Fashion Freezta 2016 campaign.
Free trip in Finland
Sleep in a glass dome, watch the Northern Lights, visit an ice hotel.
8 days 5 nights, value 598,000 baht, 5 prizes
1. Wipa Phokprasert
2. Pornwimon Tasanakoson
3. Chonthit Chokkhanapitak
4. Maneerat Jiamsingkul
5. Phakamon Mahabrahmawan
The case has to go back. Rich Intharap Public Company Limited A5 (οε) Της 0 2640 7000 do 1612 Juouns-ens ben 10.00-12.00 ц 14.00-17.00 u. man on 24 D. 2016 at 17.00 hrs. Snow Castle UscitacionsrimGUDD Reward (receive the wearing system 67,065.43 baht Script by (opposite TK Park Learning Center) schodul 13-24 Apr. 2016 that Krakorn 5 (ε) Της 0 2640 7000 to 1612 wunmornngeon 8 Nantha Lol Sontom CPN Cal Cerler 0 2021 9999 FIÚTorprathan and 100,000 baht or, & The company reserves the right to Rewards to the blooming darts
Bou too Ontree accepts that the child has given complete information /// 13-24 2016 бива са / My blur of Raη πλεο
If a person is found, please call CPV Call Center 0.2021 9999 130, &

I Bangkok, Hat Yai, Phuket og Chiang Mai var det show. Her var det sannsynligvis også show i Pattaya Central. Her er fra CentralWorld Bangkok, ikke CentralFestival.


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