DTAC might lose spot as Thailand’s second largest mobile company


If the trend continues for Norwegian Telenor owned DTAC and their competitor True Move, by the end of February, DTAC will no longer be the second largest mobile company in Thailand. True Move have increased their customer base by more than 2.2 million customers over the past two quarters, while DTAC during the same period have lost 650,000 customers.

Thailand’s largest mobile company, AIS, have over the past six months gained 900,000 new customers, and have now a total of 39.9 million customers. DTAC and True Move have respectively 24.8 million and 22.6 million customers.

True Move have had a strong and steady increase, while DTAC have managed to dampen the fall from the bad second quarter of this year, where they lost 524,000 customers. Some of the decline is attributable to the controversy over the Dhammakaya Temple, where the Thai partner to Telenor was actively engaged.

Source: Thailands Tidende


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