Denmark explores Cebu as alternative to Manila

Jan Top Christensen, Danish Ambassador to the Philippines, said during a recent visit to Cebu in the Philippines that he sees a potential for Danish companies to come down here with Cebu becoming as competitive in business as the nation’s capital. According to a report of his visit in Cebu Daily News, the ambassador said:

“Manila is getting clogged because the whole place is so big and not enough has been done for infrastructure. I think it is easier to solve infrastructure here and ensure that it will function in the long term.”

Christensen said Cebu’s lower costs of doing business compared to that of Manila makes it an ideal place for Danish companies to locate in.

He added that the opening of more direct flights from Cebu to international destinations was also a factor behind the growing interest of Danish businessmen to partner with Cebuano traders.

The ambassador was in Cebu to meet with local government officials and business leaders as he sought more opportunities for partnership between the Philippines and Denmark, the newspaper wrote.

Denmark already has one partnership with Cebu with a Danish consultancy firm helping out in the construction of the Cebu-Cordova Toll Bridge, which is spearheaded by Metro Pacific Tollways.

There are more than 100 companies in the Philippines are Danish-owned, have Danish equity, or have Danish agents, but none of them are in Cebu except for transport and logistics company Maersk.

Local businessmen present during the event, which was organized by Honorary Consul General Perry Pe of the Royal Danish Consulate of Cebu, welcomed the initiative of the ambassador.

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