Chef Björn Frantzén guest chef in Macau

As previously announced by ScandAsia, the Swedish chef and restaurateur Björn Frantzén will be opening his first restaurant outside Sweden, Frantzén’s Kitchen, in Hong Kong come November.


Meanwhile, chef Björn Frantzén has a guest appearance with a temporary restaurant in Macao, lasting almost three months at the five-star Hotel Altira. 12 guests per night are there being served tasting menus with exclusively Scandinavian ingredients from 1 October to 17 December 2016. While the original Restaurant Frantzén in Stockholm, Sweden is being moved some of his staff have joined to Macau for this three-month guest appearance.

“Our guest appearance in Macao gives us the opportunity to perform in a distant part of the world. It also gives us the opportunity to research and be inspired by the local restaurant culture in the region”, says chef and restaurateur Björn Frantzén.


Restaurant Frantzén’s head chef, Marcus Jernmark is at the helm of the temporary restaurant in Macao. Also present is Oskar Johansson, who is the head bartender within the Frantzén group. In a bar at the Hotel Altira he serves a drinks list he has composed himself, together with small tasters of Frantzén cuisine.

Björn Frantzén will also take part in the first gala dinner to be held as part of a new collaboration between Michelin and Robert Parker Wine Advocate. The dinner in Macao will be served to 700 specially invited guests, and Björn Frantzén will be preparing the menu together with Michelin star chefs from Japan and Macao.

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