Beskytte seg

Fjerner en diskusjon fra en annen tråd hvor den ikke hører hjemme.

Mange av forumets medlemmer ønsker å investere i Thailand. Noen våger, andre tørr ikke. Det er risikabelt å spytte det en eier og har inn i investeringer i Thailand.

Eller hva?

Her er et eksempel fra Bangkok Post i fjor:

Bangkok:- An Irish man and his daughter and son staged a sit-in protest in front of the Royal Thai Police headquarters at 12:30 pm Tuesday, claiming he had been cheated out of his house and land plots in Phuket worth Bt65 million.

The man, Colin Vard, 61, wanted to meet the national police chief, Pol Gen Somyot Pumpanmuang, to file his complaint.

The protest caused traffic congestion in front of the Royal Thai Police because police had to close one lane of the road where Vard and his children were sitting. But after a negotiation with two senior police officers for half an hour, Vard agreed to come inside the police head quarters to file the complaint.

Vard said he used to own the Phuket Property Development in Mueang Phuket, which operated since 2001 until he was cheated in a conspiracy allegedly by police, land officials, lawyers, bankers and property brokers. He alleged the collaborators falsified land ownership documents to transfer his house and seven plots of land worth Bt65 million to them.

Vard said he was later forced out of his house and land by a court order in June 2010 because of the falsified documents.

He alleged that his ex-wife Nittaya Sukhampha was forced to join the defrauding because she owed a debt of Bt600,000 to a loan shark gang.

Vard claimed his lawyer in Phuket was bought by the gang and when he hired a lawyer from Bangkok, the lawyer was also hired to lose the cases again, he alleged.

Somyot later came out to meet Vard for about half an hour and the police chief promised to look into the complaint and give him fair investigation. Somyot said some cases have apparently ruled by court.

Hva som er sant, og hva som ikke er, vet ikke jeg. Men en mann som går til de skritt som Mr. Vard har en sak han tror på.


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