Traditional Scandinavian Christmas in Bangkok

Swedish Vicar in Bangkok Lars Ryderstad and Scandinavian Society Siam had this Christmas once again joined forced and offered a real Nordic Juleaftens Gudstjeneste in Christ Church in Bsngkok.

Different parts of the Gospel was read by different selected people from the community. Norwegian Bodil Elise Holberg was the youngest while the others were Thordur Adalsteinsson from  Iceland, Birgit-Sarah Kondrup-Palmqvist from Denmark, Staffan Herrstroem from Sweden. The Nowegian musician Thore Hardelin accompanied the when tje congregation sang the Christmas carols and entertained with small pices of music inbetween.

When the participating Nordic families eventually went out to the waiting glass of wine and various snaks, it was tine for the Finns to take over the Church to hold their own traditional Christ service.



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