Avenir provides ’a shot in the arm’ for organizations determined to implement bold change

Owned and run by Swede, Tommy Bartshukoff and Irishwoman, Eithne Kennedy, Avenir is a Singapore-based business specialist practice, operating globally through a network of high-calibre consultants.

Says Tommy Bartshukoff: “We have run consultancy projects across the world for global clients such as Ports America Group, Maersk, Pacific Basin Shipping and Kuehne & Nagel – to name just a few.”

As a highly regarded 3rd party expert, Avenir’s focus is on advising clients on organizational structure, effective change management and the people issues associated with these. The process covers:

  • Identification of the need for performance-related change and initiatives
  • Preparation for the disruption implicit in that change
  • Planning the steps for the most effective change process
  • Identification of enablers and inhibitors in the change process
  • Analysis of the people aspects of that change
  • Follow-up after the change – specifically optimizing communication – to stabilize the organization going forward.

Eithne Kennedy expands on this that Avenir have clear and proven processes – and highly validated tools – for all of the above. Specifically, they offer:

  • Organization and Management Review (OMR)
  • Assessment of intangible assets and liabilities to evaluate the strategic potential of the company, as well as the management cohesion and alignment verification
  • Personality and behavioural assessment
    Cognitive testing
  • Talent Mapping and Talent Development process
  • Program for developing high-performing teams
  • Sales Skills Assessment tool
  • IT Reviews (conducted by a strategic partner firm)

Tommy Bartshukoff remarks: “We realise that the intelligence regarding a company resides within that company. Therefore, our process involves structured discussions with selected managers. This takes only two hours per manager, thus ensuring minimum disruption to the day-to-day operations of the business. At the same time, the inclusion of these managers in the process creates a very positive atmosphere, which benefits the company hugely at the change implementation stage.”

Change and the New World Order
Eithne Kennedy observes: “Major change is coming to all industries and will affect organizations in one form or another. It is not a matter of if, but when. The revolutionary nature of that change is usually referred to as ‘disruption’, which sounds scary. However, we believe that it can be more transformational than disruptive if approached and prepared for in an organized and collaborative manner. That is where a process such as Avenir’s is highly valuable.”

According to Tommy Bartshukoff: ’Awareness of the need for change typically comes from one or more of the following: new owners with a different vision for the company, which necessitates major change; an astute management team with their ears to the ground for signs of impending change, perhaps gleaned from smart networking and observations of other industries; an actual crisis in the industry and/or the company itself; and the effects of new technology, software developments and automation”

Bartshukoff continues: “Once the initiators of the change in the client organization – be  that the owners, the Board, or the CEO – have decided that change is essential, they approach Avenir with such a key questions as: Can the leadership team make the required change in terms of the desired ambition level and speed? And, if not, what can we do about it?”

Eithne Kennedy adds: “During our process, we aim to allay fears and convince doubters of the need for change. This may sound basic but, in our experience, the key to successful organizational change is getting buy-in and securing the alignment of the leadership team. Without an aligned team of implementers, your strategy will go nowhere…”

Says Tommy Bartshukoff: “Once we have finalized our analysis and delivered our report, we do not typically get involved in operational matters. However, we can recommend qualified experts in the specific field to lead the change from there on. Their work is facilitated by Avenir’s completed process in terms of savings of time and money because of the readiness and enthusiasm of the organization to implement the change.”

Contact Avenir at:
E-mail: tkb@avenirholdings.com
Visit our website at: www.avenirholdings.com


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