Aritco lifts on the way up

The private lift brand Aritco from Sweden showed its smart and affordable lifts at the Architect Expo 2016 in Muang Thong Thani in April this year. While the lifts go both up and down, the sale of Aritco in Thailand has been going only up. Today, over 200 of the fancy lifts have been installed both in private homes and companies all over Thailand.

Behind the success in Thailand is the Swedish businessman Rafique U. Ahmed and his Thai business partner Tana Sripongtanakul. Both were present on the stand at the exhibition where ScandAsia took the lift with them up to the second floor to see a display of a variety of innovative ways to make use of the lifts.

The models were all entries in a prize competition, which Aritco had organized among young architects. The challenge was to create the best scale model of an application and the creativity was fascinating. In this writer’s view, the ones that showed the widest market were the most interesting. An example was a simple model showing how fitting a lift to the outside of an existing townhouse building would be the cheapest way to add well over a million Baht in extra value to this kind of property anywhere in Bangkok.

The lifts are different from the giant elevators that you find in department stores and hotels with counterweights and thick cables pulling the carriage up and down. Aritco lifts has a simple screw as the central mechanism and the whole lift fits inside the walls of the lift.

That is partly why these lifts are also more safe for homes where children go up and down on their own in the lift or when a bit senile elderly people are the users.

From a design point of view, the lifts are also very different from their big brothers. This piece of furniture fits in your home like a wardrobe.

According to Rafique Ahmed and Khun Tana, many of the Aritco lifts in Thailand are installed to extend the comfortable stay of the aging owners of the house on their own property, but also many young people install a lift for the convenience.

“If you have bought a house at 20 mill, adding a lift at an extra million makes a lot of sense,” says Rafique Ahmed.

All Aritco lifts are made in Sweden with simplicity as the guiding design principle. The simplicity is reflected also in the simple way it is installed. All is contained within the walls of the lift.

Not only in Thailand are the lifts on the way up. Worldwide there are more than 30,000 Aritco lifts installed in over 30 countries. In Asia, the lifts are also sold in Malaysia, India, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In Thailand, there are over 200 installations in homes and SME’s.

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