Today i do 90 days report

Good morning.

Today i will go immigration and do 90 days report.So i start by ating a breakfast and fil out the form.

The form is called TM.47 and you find it here.

 Click on the photo so zoom

I have his form on my pc and just change the date and so on. Then it is fast to print out and have it ready in 5 min.

We are going to do this as i go along. I need to update this when i am done in immigration. But i will try to do this today. It is hard if many people report in the same time.

First how do i know i need to report today.

Well when  go last time i got a small paper that i lose sometime. And one time i forgot to report and then all hell breaks loose.

Then you feel like you are a criminal and have to say why you not report and you have to pay 1900 baht for not report in time.

You can report online.
The Link is here

 So filled out it should look like this

When you report to immigration, you will receive a slip of paper stapled to the last sheet of your passport with the next check-in date.

Here is one slip


Bring the following documents with you to the Thai immigration office when you do your first 90-day check-in:

  • Your original passport (Just in case you need to make extra copies!)
  • A copy of your passport’s information page
  • A copy of your current visa
  • A copy of your departure card (TM. 6)
  • A copy of last entry stamp

You will also need to complete a 90-day notification form. You can fill this out at the immigration office or use the following example to fill it out beforehand.

The “ENTERED THAILAND ON” date is the date of your last entry. You will always use your latest entry date.
The arrival card number is found in the lower right-hand corner of your arrival card. There are two letters followed by a series of digits.


 This is the card you fill out in before you enter Thailand. Normallly they put it in you passport and stample it to a page

You must file this report within 7 days before or 7 days after your 90-day period expires. There’s a fine of up to 5,000 Baht if you are late, so keep note of your next 90-day notification of stay date.
It is also possible to file your report by registered mail. But, first check with your local immigration office if they will accept it.

So i have now made my form ready.
I have the  receive a slip of paper from last time. DO NOT LOSE THIS PAPER.

One the web page ou also find some info.

 Click on the photo so zoom

I will report to here n Bangkok so i will try to take some photo how do.

Ok so i will be back little later ith more info.See you soon!

So the que number was 4 in the morning.

My number is over 200.A day of waiting is going on.And i am now modern i writing to you all on my phone from immigration.
Well that was a long day. I waited almost 6 hours at immigration.

    Seen from 4 floor

Address: Chaeng Watthana 13 Yaek 3-2-15, Thung Song Hong, Lak Si, Bangkok 10210
Phone: 02 141 9889

But f you download th form you not need to get it in here. There is alot of people and i find it hard to fill out the for here.
So fill it out in home before you go.

So what we get, we a new slip like before . But now i can stay for 3 month.
If i not do this then you see the rules:

And i have to pay alot of money.

So hope you enjoyed the trip with me to immigration, have a great day!

The next time i will tell you how i live by the Kings philosophy and try to live as cheap as possible.
Reason well i got as big bill and needed to think how to fix this.

 So far 15 days and i live on food budget on 2520 baht.(That is for people)

 We have a goal to make it to 18 this month. And then we see how i have done. So thank you my King how to help end make me see new how to do this hard work.

By the wy  change the settings of the blogg. Beacuse there was not room enough to write on. And to show pictre in a good way.


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