The Philippines as new winter destination

There are signs that the Philippines is the up and coming travel destination for Danes during the cold winter months.


More and more Danes have become aware of the archipelago in South East Asia as a new travel destination during the winter. In just two years, the demand has doubled at the Danish travel agency Jysk Rejsebureau, and overall, the number of visiting Danes in the Philippines has increased by almost 30% over the past year, the Philippines Department of Tourism says.

The director of Jysk Rejsebureau, Niels Amstrup, is not surprised. He says that the Philippines has become more accessible, with more flights, and is both chic, rich in unique countryside with rice fields, volcanoes and waterfalls, and with great diving and swimming possibilities. He thinks that the interest in traveling to the Philippines will keep rising.

Source: Jysk Rejsebureau


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