Swedish tourist drowns in Vietnamese beach town


A Swedish man drowned in the southern beach town Vung Tau on 14 March, in the evening after he was caught in a rip current, reports thanhniennews.com.

Sjogard Peter Larks Niklas, 43, was among a group of 10 tourists from the northern city of Hai Phong. They went for a swim right after arrival at nearly 6 p.m. Monday.

Local media cited Vung Tau Police as saying that two Swedish and two Vietnamese were caught in the rip current. All excepted Mr Sjogard were rescued and survived.

Local tourism management experts have warned about rip currents – fast-flowing rough water caused by a meeting of currents – in Vung Tau, where more than 60 people have drowned since 2010 and hundreds of others were rescued in last year alone.

There are flags warning beachgoers about potential dangerous areas along the coast.


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