Successful Co-creation workshop at Swedish Embassy in Bangkok

On 21-22 March 2017 the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok hosted their annual workshop for regional development partner organizations; Co-reation for Transformation – Effective Delivery on SDGs through Enhanced Cross-Sectorial Interaction.

The workshop was opened by an inspiring dialogue between Ambassador Staffan Herrström and Anne-Charlotte Malm, Head of Development Section.

“Every human being should know about their rights. One of Sweden’s roles as a donor is to contribute to enhance the understanding of the linkages between environmental degradation and human rights such as the right to clean water,” said Anne-Charlotte Malm.

“And, linked to natural resource management issues – is the right to freedom of expression at the core as well – women and men who raise awareness around environmental damages and defend their rights to clean water and land are continuously threatened and exposed to enforced disappearance. There is no quick fix to global and regional problems. As the challenges we face in this region are interlinked, we need to collaborate and use our diverse competencies and strengths in various fields,” said Ambassador Herrström.

According to the embassy, the interactive workshop has already resulted in many new relations between the participants that hopefully will benefit from each other’s expertise to deliver better on sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific.

140 participants worked together on the topics: marine litter, responsible investments, sustainable value chains, decent work, disaster preparedness, and conflict prevention in natural resource governance.

“We have really co-created during this workshop and I believe that we have taken many steps towards being able to contribute to a sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific and towards a future where the environment and human rights are protected and respected,” concluded Anne-Charlotte Malm.

Source: Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok. Photo credit: Borja Sanchez Trillo.


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