Student Kulrada Kiatkulthorn becomes Global Swede for Thailand


Kulrada Kiatkulthorn, a Thai student in the master’s program in logistics and Innovation Management at the University of Gävle, has been appointed as ‘Global Swede’. At ceremony on 18 May, she received a diploma and a gift from the Economic Development and Innovation Minister Mikael Damberg.

Kulrada Kiatkulthorn, who calls herself Tea, is aiming at her degree in the Master’s program in logistics and innovation management. She has distinguished herself as an ambitious student with good grades and is perceived as both positive and cheerful by teachers and peers.

Criteria for becoming Global Swede are that the international student has excelled in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship during the studies and that he/she is at the end of the training.

As Global Swede Kulrada Kiatkulthorn will be a representative for Sweden in their homeland and act as an ambassador for Sweden and higher education.

“Tea both has clear links to Sweden, a positive attitude and personal drive, as well as excellent academic study results. In summary, it is difficult to imagine anyone who would be more suitable to be appointed to Global Swede.” said Erik Olsson, Specialist on Internationalization.

“Such an ambassador means a lot in making Sweden and the University of Gävle known abroad.”


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