Slush arrives to Singapore in 2016


Slush Asia 2016 in Tokyo

Slush, the global start-up movement based in Helsinki, will make its debut in Southeast Asia in Singapore on the 20 September 2016 during the inaugural Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology (SWITCH) at the Resorts World Convention Center in Sentosa. Slush Singapore is arranged together with Techventure, the major innovation and enterprise event arranged by the National Research Foundation (NRF) in Singapore.

“Today Southeast Asia is attracting a huge amount of funding and top tech talent to its rapidly developing markets. Singapore is a perfect hotspot for connecting the Western investors and businesses with the regional ones. The timing for Slush Singapore could not be better”, says Anna Ratala, Head of Slush Singapore.

Slush is a student-driven non-profit movement launched in 2008 in Helsinki. The movement’s first event was visited by 300 people, but have today grown to 15.000 attendances. Besides Finland, Slush have gone global with events in Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore.

Slush Singapore will bring together start-up ventures and entrepreneurs with international investors, executives and media. The movement’s objective is to form an entrepreneureal community to help start-ups succeed globally. Slush Singapore is expected to be attended by 1000 visitors.


Launching an event in Singapore is not a coincidence. In 2015, Singapore was ranked amongst the top 10 Global Startup Ecosystems by (formerly known as Startup Genome) and offer good funding opportunities, market reach and startup experience. According to Slush, Singapore is the premier startup launchpad of Southeast Asia.

“Considering the support and funding available, we should see more local and regional startups with big breakthroughs. The key is in building an ecosystem that facilitates the right kind of matchmaking between investors and startups. Slush Singapore wants to help with exactly that”, Ratala says.

Visit Slush Singapore’s website for more information on the upcoming event:

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