Singapore inspired by Denmark’s smart city concept

A delegation of researchers from Singapore have visited the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) to lay the ground works for a co-op deal and learn how Denmark does energy-efficient building design.

“DTU is, as part of the ‘Smart City World Labs’ consortium, in close dialogue with Singaporean research institutions, authorities and business regarding the establishment of living labs in Singapore,” said Niels Alex Nielsen, the senior vice president of DTU.

DTU currently houses the Singaporean delegation

DTU currently houses the Singaporean delegation

Denmark’s expertise in regards to water integration and energy production in infrastructure was something that particularly caught the interest of the Singaporean delegation.

A Danish delegation from DTU will visit Nanyang Technological University (NTU) later this month to participate in a workshop regarding Smart Water, Intelligent Transport Systems, Smart Grids, and Intelligent and Integrated Energy Systems.


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