Scandinavian women’s way to kickstart Monday: football!


Monday is typically associated with a lot of coffee, but women from Scandinavian Women’s Association in Singapore have found a healthier way to kickstart a new week: the answer is football. Each Monday evening, they will gather on the green football field and release endorphines, maintain a fit lifestyle and most important: make Monday more fun! ScandAsia’s reporter joins their latest football class to find out more.

The evening sun is bouncing off pink-ish and golden particles down at the football field, where joyful women are waiting for their Monday class to begin. Every Monday, Scandinavian Women’s Association arranges football classes at Turf Club City, but you don’t have to be an expert in ball games to join.

“I have never done this before,” tells one of the today’s players, Jeanette Wheeler from Sweden. Today she will play football together with experienced football ladies, but it doesn’t scare her.

Right before the sun sets, the class begins, and two Singaporean coaches let the women start off with a warm up, and it’s easy to spot practised legs, and one of the players out in the field practices football regulary.

“I attend these classes to maintain my skills,” says Lara Koppelmann from Germany. You don’t need to be Scandinavian to join, neither do you need to be as experienced as Lara. The coaches are professionel, and they know how to approach the different football skill levels. Both of them have played in the Singaporean National Football League, and they are both diligent to praise their students.

Heli Buss is former board member of SWA, and she is also to be found on the field.

“We started to arrange these football classes in SWA two years ago, and it’s popular because you don’t need any experience, but you get a fun way to stay healthy. It’s really amusing to do exercise in a group instead of going for a run alone.”

Between cheers and deep breaths, the football are all over the field, and the final game between coaches and students is on.

“What? Only one minute left?!” Heli bursts out. And yes. The time has surprisingly gone fast.

The time is up. Sweating, smiling and scoring the last goal. The women didn’t win the final game, but they lost a lot of calories during the class, and that’s a great reward for hard training.

“It’s a great combination of exercising and to stay fit. You really forget that you are actually working out, because it’s so fun to play,” says Pia Nørgaard Pedersen from Denmark.

And beginner Jeanette Wheeler couldn’t agree more.

“I had such a great time, and even if we were only two unexperienced football players today, we did it! And if I can do it, anyone can!” she tells. She will gladly be joining the next football class.

The coaches guide the women to stretch out properly, because tomorrow they may feel sore in their legs.

“They are all smiling now, so that’s a good sign that we did our job!” says a relieved Jerry Bartholomeusz, one of the football coaches.

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For those who wants to give it a try, the first class is for free. Every class is priced SGD 35, which goes to the SWA’s charity work.

Want to kick ass some football next Monday? You are more than welcome to join the other ladies at the field!



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