Norwegian Rotary march to support the Karen people


S’gaw Karen girls of Khun Yuam District, Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand.

On Tuesday 13 September 2016, Rotary invited everyone to the annual Rotary march around the Norwegian lake Nordbytjernet. The purpose of this year’s march included supporting the Karen people. The Karen people is a number of individual Sino-Tibetan language speaking ethnic groups. These groups primarily live in Karen State in southern and southeastern Myanmar, but a large number of them have also migrated to Thailand, where they mainly live on the border between Thailand and Myanmar.

Line Ramstad, who is head of the project, explains to the Norwegian newspaper Eidsvoll Ullensaker that these people are in need of all the support they can get to build schools and other infrastructure.

The Norwegian Rotary clubs in Kløfta, Jessheim and Nannestad jointly organize the annual Rotary march.


Lake Nordbytjernet in Ullensaker municipality in Akershus, Norway.


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