Norwegian man attacked in Pattaya

Photo: PattayaOne

At 3am, on the morning of 22 December 2016, Pattaya police were informed of an unconscious man in front of the Reggae & Soul Bar in Walking Street, Pattaya.

At the scene a group of tourists had gathered around a young, Norwegian man who had head & face wounds and bruises to his face and body. Medics took the unconscious man to the hospital for treatment. The Norwegian man has later been identified as the 22-year-old Ole Magnus Brathen.

Later that day, at 5pm, on 22 December, Pattaya police arrested 20-year-old Mr Ekasit (Boy) Waitee who works as a waiter at the Reggae & Soul Bar on Walking Street.

He said he had been playing a ‘punching game’ with a customer called Christian but things got a little bit out of hand, which made his girlfriend, 19-year-old Ms Wichuda Chaona, step in to try and calm things down.

At that point, he claims, a drunk Norwegian customer, who had not been involved, walked past and touched his girlfriend’s breasts.

He said he was so angry that he attacked the customer and two of his friends, Mr Pana Viviano JR (33) and Mr Silvestre Allev (33), both from the Philippines, jumped in to help him but he doesn’t know if they, too, attacked the customer.

Officers have called for Ms Wichuda to make a statement about what she saw and have asked bar staff not to hurt tourists as it damages the reputation of Thailand.

Police have once again reminded workers in Walking Street to let them deal with any disputes and not to be violent with tourists.

The victim Mr Ole Magnus Brathen remains in hospital and is being treated for his injuries.

Source: PattayaOne


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