Nordic Gourmet dinner event in Shanghai


The Danish Chamber of Commerce in China, DCCC invites our members and friends from the entire Nordic community to a unique Nordic Gourmet Evening at Pelikan in Shanghai, taking place on Tuesday 13 September at 18;30. Chef Kasper Pedersen has composed a special 8-course dinner that will introduce the participants to the Nordic Cooking, which has become so popular worldwide.

Seats are limited and sold on a first come, first served basis. The price for this unique evening is 600,- RMB for members and 1200,- RMB for non-members. The price includes 8-course dinner and accompanying 5-wine menu of excellent wines to match the food. Additionally, creative Nordic inspired cocktails are served for 50,- RMB.


“Nordic cuisine is about using what we have growing around us. A return to the pure ways of harvesting locally from the earth and preserving (pickling, drying, salting, smoking) for use throughout the year. I like to use edible flowers, stems, herbs and other over-looked ingredients to add interesting new flavours and textures to a dish. In Shanghai, my focus is still on using the best of local ingredients combined with those you would see in Denmark and bending them to create Nordic-style dishes,” is how Chef Kasper Pedersen introduces himself.

Dishes like Charred Beets and Beurre Blanc – which use one ingredient in three different preparations (char, raw and puree) – exemplify his simple yet highly considered approach to cooking.

The programme for the evening is as follows:
18:30 – 19:00 Registration, Networking and Sparkling Wine
19:00 – 21:00 Dinner, Q&A

Pelikan is situated on no. 225 Xikang Road (near Beijing West Road) in Shanghai.


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