Before You Go

Pack medications in clearly labelled original containers and obtain a signed and dated letter from your physician describing your medical conditions, medications and syringes or needles. If you have a heart condition, bring a copy of your electrocardiogram (ECG) taken just prior to travelling.
If you take any regular medication bring double your needs in case of loss or theft. In Thailand you can buy many medications over the counter without a doctor’s prescription, but it can be difficult to find the exact medication you are taking.
Contact your home country’s Department of Foreign Affairs or the equivalent and register your trip; this is a helpful precaution in the event of a natural disaster.

Entry & Exit Formalities

Customs Regulations

The customs department (www.customs.go.th) maintains a helpful website with specific information about customs regulations for travellers. Thailand allows the following items to enter duty free:

  • reasonable amount of personal effects (clothing and toiletries)
  • professional instruments
  • 200 cigarettes
  • 1L of wine or spirits

Thailand prohibits the import of the following items:

  • firearms and ammunition (unless registered in advance with the police department)
  • illegal drugs
  • pornographic media

When leaving Thailand, you must obtain an export licence for any antique reproductions or newly cast Buddha images (except personal amulets). Submitting two front-view photos of the object(s), a photocopy of your passport, the purchase receipt and the object(s) in question, to the Office of the National Museum. Allow four days for the application and inspection process to be completed.



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