Living in Bangkok 2016

Take a Bite Out of the Big Mango!

Bangkok welcomes hundreds of visitors and new residents every day, all undoubtedly hoping to get the most out of living in this unique and exciting city. When trying to make living in Bangkok an enjoyable endeavor, it’s important to keep in mind that Bangkok is an international city with residents from all corners of the world, many of whom have developed systems and services to help support many of Bangkok’s expat residents. One of the most common threads in the life of an expat is the uncertainty of living in a new place, where the customs and languages may be drastically different from anything you know back home. The question of where to go for what, and whom to seek out for what service, become very daunting tasks. This is why the annual Living in Bangkok event is held at Bumrungrad International Hospital, now in its 18th year.  Our goal is to help Bangkok’s many expats and their families connect with the services that will make it easier to carve out meaningful and fulfilling lives within this new culture. This event attracts many major organizations and groups from the Bangkok community to one location, making it that much easier to find the right support without having to run around town collecting information.

Create Healthy Routines
It goes without saying that a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important things in life, if not the most important. Our lifestyles dictate what will happen to us in the future, whether we will enjoy aging healthy or face the possibility of aging with conditions that might have been prevented with a healthier lifestyle. The things we do every day, especially the habits we form that directly affect our well-being, are some of the most important decisions we’ll ever make. One of the things that people find challenging upon moving to a new place is maintaining the routines they have built for a healthy lifestyle. This catchy phrase of “healthy lifestyle” is of course made up of several steps and a series of choices that we make every day. In addition to eating well and getting plenty of exercise, choices like where to live, how to commute to work, what hours to work, also have an effect on our overall health, especially in the long run. So, knowing that our daily choices have an impact on our health, it’s important to carve out routines that add up to positive gains.

Bangkok Living Done Right
New residents will quickly learn that Bangkok is a city that lends itself very well to an active lifestyle. The city attracts people from all over the world, therefore the most exciting fitness trends and new diets always arrive on the scene. Of course, it’s also possible to start by making small changes such as going for a walk in one of Bangkok’s parks, or going for a bicycle ride around the city’s bike paths or walking trails. If you’re not sure where to even begin, just browse around the many exhibits that are available at this year’s Living in Bangkok event, all of which are a great start to starting off on your healthy journey, or reclaiming your old routines to get back on track.

Never a Boring Day
Bangkok is a lot of things, but boring is not one of them. This city has everything going on, sometimes all at once. The smart resident knows that in the midst of the chaos is a finely tuned machine of a city, with a rhyme and reason for nearly everything. And what’s left as a result is a city of variety, with many choices for everything. The neighborhoods of Bangkok are a testament to this variety, with the riverside offering a glimpse into slow life while the crowds of Silom and Sukhumvit vibrate with the city’s frenetic pulse. Take advantage of this variety, and carve out a lifestyle that is balanced between the right amount of work and play. You can build new routines around your schedule, or shift your schedule to better suit your routines. Perhaps some morning yoga to get the day started right, or an evening run to cap off a productive day. Better yet, join a spin class at one of Bangkok’s many state of the art fitness centers, or challenge yourself by joining a CrossFit or Bootcamp class. There’s plenty more, and this city is teeming with places and opportunities in which to experience it all.

Get Out There and Have Some Fun!
This concrete jungle sure is congested, and it is often too hot and too loud to seem like an inviting place for some fun in the sun. However, look beyond the congested streets and venture out into the natural respites that are peppered around the city. Public parks are aplenty, and community fitness is a favorite pastime of many people here, including the local community. Nearly every day, people gather at the city parks for free, community-led aerobics classes or team sports like basketball while others walk, run, or ride their bikes around the park and surrounding area.  We are social creatures, and that’s why social connection platforms like Facebook and Meetup are so popular, especially among expats who are trying to find their new friends or build new social circles in their new city. These platforms are of course a great way to find others in your new city who may be interested in perhaps taking the same cooking classes, or going for a workout together. The city’s many fitness centers and recreational clubs are represented at this year’s Living in Bangkok event, ready to answer your questions eager to help provide you with some inspiration.

Explore the Possibilities
Living healthy in Bangkok is not a lofty goal, even if you’re not accustomed to the high temperature or may have trouble feeling confident among strangers. Take this opportunity to explore the many available alternatives to the traditional gym setting, or join a group that engages in your favorite sport. Of course, food is an important part of life, and especially so when living in Thailand. Bangkok is home to many culinary pioneers, and some of the best and healthiest food is within easy reach. For even more of a social activity, take a healthy cooking class and make some friends while learning a valuable new skill to add to your healthy lifestyle. All of this and more are readily available at this year’s Living in Bangkok event, and it’s a great way to start getting active and build a social life centered on activities that could add quality years to your life.


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