I do prefer my bass and love playing it with our b…

Sydney Moss 7:18am May 6
I do prefer my bass and love playing it with our band Elements! However, it’s also great fun entertaining a different audience with my solo performance occasionally! This way I get to keep my rhythm and chord work polished and shining and ‘The Invisibles’ who back me on select songs have absolutely no mercy when it comes to Timing, Form and song structural arrangements!
I am looking forward to this Solo Gig, my first at this unique and pleasant venue with a natural setting, great staff and excellent food! I hope y’all can join me there. I start early so you won’t have to wait till late unless you want to – It’s always a blast to see friendly, familiar faces in the audience!
Hoping this self-promo will help me get some much appreciated support from my friends and supporters here? 😉
If you’ve haven’t been there, here is their page with a map to assist your decision making which I hope will be supportive!
Thank you Tom Dallyn and Baan Na Garden Restaurant & Bar, Huay Yai for inviting me to entertain your friends and guests!


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