Fresh Norwegian mountain air on export to China

Three men from Stavanger and Sandnes will sell fresh Norwegian mountain air to China, according to the daily newspaper Aftenposten.

Three engineers collect air in large containers along the 42 kilometers long Lysefjord, compress the air in smaller bottles and put it up for sale on the internet.


Talking to to Stavanger Aftenblad, the chairman of the company, Benjamin Knupper explains their ambitious plan.

“No one else has tried to sell Norwegian mountain air. Therefore, we make an effort,” says Benjamin Knupper of Pulpit Air AS. He adds that many people think at first that this is a joke, but it is not. Norway has clean water, great scenery, salmon and the cleanest air, he continues.

7.7 liters of fresh and pure Norwegian mountain air has up to 160 user doses, according to the website where the product is advertised as “Premium Norwegian Mountain Air”.



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