Free Thailand CO LTD FREE – Chonburi Are you in n…

Tom Stenshavn 1:13am Jan 22
Free Thailand CO LTD
FREE – Chonburi

Are you in need of a company to buy a house or condo? Or do you plan to start a business in Thailand? We are giving away a free CO LTD instead of have to pay the fees for closing the company.

The company has been runned as a tour company for 3 years, and has been without business the last 2 years. It is VAT registered, but if you are in no need of VAT, we will close the VAT for you. All taxes and fees are fully paid until the new owner takes over. The company has a registered 2 million baht shares. To take over the company you need 1 Managing director and 3 shareholders. 3 persons in total to be registered in the company with at least 51% Thai ownership. We will pay for the transfer fee. Company stamps and updated papers will be given through our accounting/lawyers office. For more info, please inbox or call 0819837210


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