First Nordic Fusion at DANSK SG


The day before 3 March 2016 three ladies were busy preparing the lifestyle boutique for the first Nordic Fusion shopping event. The two Danish owners, Betina Falster-Hansen and Louise Jasper, had invited Norwegian Mette Visted from Touch of Denmark to fusionate with their own Nordic brands in the DANSK SG boutique.



“It’s a great way to stick together for Scandinavians. When we are so far away from home, it’s great that we can gather and do events together in Scandinavian style,” says Mette Visted.

Betina Falster-Hansen agrees. “It means we can exposure to the Scandinavian customers. We hope it will make Nordic customers visit us and buy Nordic design.”

But when the door opened up for Nordic Fusion, it was not only Scandinavian guests and customers who were happy to join. Especially Japanese customers are interested in Nordic brands.

“There are so many fairs and pop up stores existing, so when we do a shopping event we have to do our own event more exclusive for our customers. Scandinavian design is popular, and it attracks all kinds of nationalities, not only Scandinavians,” says Betina Falster-Hansen.

Louise Jasper agrees. “The benefit of making a fusion shopping event is the chance to appeal to new customers.”

A fusion shopping event can thereby be compared to a networking event. The guests will get to know new brands, styles and designs while having a great shopping experience, and the retailers will get to know their customers better.

Other Nordic brands presented in DANSK SG were Krag Nordic by Anne Krag, who sells the beautiful Danish Hanne Bloch swimwear. Anne Krag was happy to participate in the fusion, and so were her other “fusionate”, Mette Trock, who presented Kudibal Silk Wear.

DANSK SG spoiled their guests at the Nordic Fusion event with discounts, extended opening time and Danish candy.

“The Nordic Fusion surpassed all our expectations. You never know how many will show up on events like this. We used social media to make people aware of this event,” says Betina Falster-Hansen.

They all declared the Nordic Fusion a succesful event, and DANSK SG are absolutely sure to host another Nordic Fusion in the nearest future.



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