Finnish games to China Joy digital expo


When China Joy conference and expo, the biggest game event in China, takes place on 27-31 July in Shanghai, Finnish Koukoi Games‘ localised version of Crashing Season, Crazy Animal Season is set to be unveiled.

The Finnish games has partnered with publisher MyGamez to bring its debut mobile title Crashing Season to the lucrative Chinese market. Mygamez specialises in introducing foreign games to China. In readiness of its release later this month, the localised version of Crashing Season has been rebranded Crazy Animal Season.


At China Joy game expo

“China has just recently further tightened the mobile game publishing regulations and hence it’s important for us to work with a well-established publisher like Mygamez, who can secure the necessary game publication licenses for our game,” says Koukoi CEO Antti Kananen.

First released on iOS and Android back in May, Crashing Season is touted as “the world’s first non-stop arena runner where the player will crash into enemies using different animal characters, while using and upgrading little helpers and character-specific special abilities.”

Source: Finnfacts,


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