Finnish children’s books to launch in China

Children’s books from Finnish publisher Dramaforum, ‘Petra’s Planet’ will launch in China based on a deal signed with Shanghai Zhiyuang Culture Communication Co. Ltd.


The agreement is for eight books; combining four already published titles with four new books to be developed in cooperation with Shanghai Zhiyuang Culture Communication. The books will be available in Chinese from early 2017 after their official launch in Beijing in January. With this co-operation their mutual target is to sell minimum of 800 000 copies per year.

“We are delighted to be in partnership with an established and trusted publisher in China and we are excited about introducing Petra to children across China,” said Ms. Eevamaria Halttunen, founder of Dramaforum Oy.

Drawing on the Nordic approach to children’s learning, Petra’s Planet products combine fun, quality content, cultural and environmental awareness, and global citizenship. With each book, children go on a journey to a new culture.

Ms. Selena Huang, CEO of Shanghai Zhiyuang Culture Communication Co. Ltd is confident that Petra’s Planet will be a great success in China.

“We chose to partner with Dramaforum thanks to the high quality content and educational nature of the Petra’s Planet range. While the books are great fun, they also provide an opportunity for children to learn more about the world around them,” said Ms. Huang.

Dramaforum Oy Ltd is an independent Finnish transmedia company specializing in children’s products. Established in 2003 by Ms. Halttunen, Dramaforum has offices in Finland, UK and Canada, employing a team of experienced learning and digital media experts.

“Our goal is to inspire children to stay curious and discover the wonders of the world. Through Petra’s Planet, children learn about the richness and diversity of our planet and are empowered to become global citizens,” said Ms. Halttunen.

The company delivers a host of Petra’s Planet products, including Petra’s Planet virtual world – which has more than 1.7 million subscribers worldwide. Majority of the subscribers are coming from USA and UK. Dramaforum also delivers a range of Petra’s Planet products designed for primary school use by teachers in Finland and the UK. The school products focus on 21st century skills, digital literacy and e-safety.


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