Finnish boat with wow factor arrives to Thailand


Over ten years have passed since Phuket-based Derani Yachts’ inception, operated by sea captain and boating devotee Håkan Lange from Sweden. Now in 2016 this international boat brand dealership also brings attention to Scandinavia; in the form of the arrival to Thai waters of the European boating market’s hottest new brand – Axopar.

As this Finnish brand’s first dealer in Asia, Derani Yachts in January debuted the distinct 28-foot Axopar (awarded “Motor Boat of The Year 2016” in the category Sportsboats and RIBs in the 2016 Motor Boat Awards) at the PIMEX boat show on Phuket.

Not only is it Europe’s fastest growing shipyard, but this brand also represents a both affordable and exciting boating opportunity.

“Axopar comes at a good price in relation to quality, offers unique driving characteristics, and is a bit daring in style,” Håkan evaluates.

Its new 37 foot motorboat, in various combinations, also debuted at Dusseldorf in January this year, with  no less than 270 Axopar 28 boats (their first product launched two years ago), built up until PIMEX.


“That’s a very large quantity of boats for a new brand, especially on today’s market where the economy is still restrained. But they have launched a good product with a very economical hull with regards to fuel consumption in relation to the size and the horsepower that is required to move the boat forward, at an incredibly attractive price,” Håkan continues.

At the world’s ultimate boat show in Cannes one can come across finds such as Axopar, as it is where all brands and shipyards who are serious players exhibit.

Håkan’s ability to spot something that dares to be different and that can add value also to the boating scene here was instrumental for the new partnership. Though, Axopar has certainly caught the attention also of many other boat lovers and dealerships worldwide. Hence, this new Finnish success also proves that one can succeed by standing out from the rest.


“Unfortunately the boat business is a very conservative and traditional sector, where people just follow the masses and the mainstream product on the market. I have felt in the last years that there is nothing to buy at PIMEX under 10 million baht and that Derani Yachts could get some extra exposure by having something that offers value for money; simple systems, with no need for having a captain on board, and that one person can easily manage; with reasonable delivery time; and not too expensive to keep it in a marina.”

This could also be an add-on to a larger boat that one might keep in another marina outside Thailand. As an entry boat Axopar can also open up new horizons when a client may want to upgrade his boating in the future.

At the most recent Phuket International Marine Exhibition, PIMEX the Axopar 28 was showcased for the first time in Asia and the boat drew an incredible interest and  the week following the boat show was full of sea trial.

Since the PIMEX show until today, we have delivered a Axopar 28 Cabin and an Axopar 28 TT both with single Mercury Verado 300 and between September and December this year, yet another 6 Axopars will be delivered to its owners.

FIVE ( 5 ) Axopar 37 with a variety of hull and engine colours and configurations of model, cabins, suntop T-top will be blasting around Phuket very soon and yet one more stoch Axopar 28.

Paying homage to Scandinavia is a key ingredient benefiting the attraction of Axopar.

“It’s a very modern hull, and there are many small practical details typical for Scandinavian boat manufacturing and design. Things are to be found in the right place, the height is correct, it’s easy to clean, and with each space having a multi-purpose; be it sunbathing or having lunch or sleeping in the cabin,” according to Håkan.

This premium brand strives to redefine and enhance people’s boating experience by bringing new thinking with solid design derived from years of experience.


The team behind Axopar Boats , Jan-Erik Viitala and Sakari Mattila had already enjoyed acclaimed success with the two previous boat brands Aquador and XO Boats, which they have designed, developed and launched to the European market.

But they wanted, and succeeded in accomplishing something different and even better, with a focus on future boating needs and the changing boating behaviour. Today’s boat enthusiasts are all different and use their boats in different ways. Furthermore, the modern boat buyer is aware and wants a boat that has it all – from design, character and attitude to fuel efficiency and smart solutions, according to the founders.

The solution for that was as simple as brilliant; they chose to personalize the boat by developing a revolutionary hull which then formed the basis for five different boat models.

The resulting Axopar takes a big step into the future as a boat that is lighter, more fuel efficient and more affordable than ever before.



“We set to challenge ourselves to come up with something totally different, something that is instantly recognizable on the water, fresh in design combined with safety, ease of use and versatility,” the Finnish brand adds to its fuel efficiency and affordability.

“We incorporate modular design to combine the advantages of our amazing hull with the freedom of customization to answer to today’s customers’ needs and demands – Finnish boat design at its best.”

“There is nothing that compares, if you are looking for a V-formed hull. It costs hundreds of thousands Euro for a similar boat, with an inboard instead of outboard engine. They have just hit the right notes,” says Håkan, as he joins praising for the multiple award-winning boat.

“I’d say it’s a good all-round boat, and with five different combinations. Depending on if it’s the 24,28 or 37 foot we are talking various combinations of cabins, or T-top, plus there will be air-conditioning in the Axopar 37 boats.”


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