FinlandCare program visits Malaysia and Singapore

Ms. Hanna Mäntylä, Minister of Social Affairs and Health will visits Malaysia and Singapore this weekend the 27th February 2016 to promote Finnish health know-how and the FinlandCare program.

The goal of the visit is to open new doors and to promote Finnish business in the area. We also want to strengthen existing customer relationships and contacts,” says Meria Heikelä, Director of the FinlandCare program.

The minister will be flanked by Markku Myllylä from Commit, that represents the delegation’s company participants in the FinlandCare program. Commit produces data systems for breast cancer screening, but he is working for a joint cause.

“We have a compact group so let’s move forward as a team and work together, and bring leads to each other,” he said.

According to Finnish ambassadors in both Malaysia and Singapore the market is offers huge opportunities for the Finnish delegation.

Malaysia is a prospering and prosperous country, and politically very stable, according to Matti Pullinen, Finland’s ambassador in Malaysia.

“There has been promising development in the health sector and it is clear that investments in the sector will continue. There should definitely be space for Finnish know-how in Malaysia,” Matti Pulline, Finland’s ambassador in Malaysia, reports to FinlandCare.

Paula Parviainen, Finnish ambassador in Singapore, also stress the importance of the visit as: “Perseverance and time to invest in personal relationships are required in Singapore”, according to her.

The sector of interests pinpointed for the visit are senior care solutions and active aging more broadly, preventive health care, occupational health care, health technology solutions and health sector training.

Especially Team Finland’s focus on senior care and health technology will open up opportunities. “In Singapore there is a commitment to active aging and the productivity of care. A record number of hospitals and care homes is being built,” says Paula Parviainen.

Meria (Photo: FinlandCare)

Meria Heikelä, Director of the FinlandCare program (Photo: FinlandCare)



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