Du må ikke akseptere venneanmodning fra Christoph…

Tore Husefest 3:57am Dec 17
Du må ikke akseptere venneanmodning fra Christopher Davis og Jessica Davis. DE er hackere. Fortell alle på din liste.
DO NOT accept a friend request from Christopher Davis and Jessica Davis. They are hackers.

Gunnar Alvheim 4:31am Dec 17
Ohh….They’ve "hacked" your account, by youself allowing some crap-site, app or poll that you couldn’t resist taking over your account. Just go to apps in settings and delete all this crap, you’ve allowed in. They are not hackers, they are robots, and ‘they’ change names regularly.

Rolf Kjosmoen 4:51am Dec 17
Gammel siden 2009 selve meldingen er spam..


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