Danish healthcare business delegation to Indonesia

The Danish Health Tech Group, of the Danish Export Association, in cooperation with the Royal Danish Embassy Jakarta is inviting to a delegation to Indonesia on 17 – 19 October 2016. The visit connects to the Hospital Expo starting on 19 October.


The delegation will gain insights and access to one of the most interesting healthcare markets in Asia, states the organiser.

The timing is not coincidental, explains Thomas Andersen, Head of Danish Health Tech Group.

“In the wake of Denmark’s state visit to Indonesia last year and the Indonesian vice-health minister’s recent visit to Denmark, Denmark is now strong in the minds of key players in the Indonesian health, and we must take advantage of now,” he says.

Why Indonesia?
Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country with 255 million inhabitants. Healthcare is a priority in Indonesia’s national development agenda and the government has committed to support the development of an adequate healthcare infrastructure in the country.

Healthcare expenditure is expected to double to USD 50 billion in 2020 (from 2012) and Indonesia’s healthcare market promises valuable opportunities for Danish companies.

This is grounded in strong annual growth rates, changing demographic and consumption patterns, the implementation of the National Health Insurance System, and a lack of domestic expertise and suppliers.

“95 percent of the market for equipment for the health sector in Indonesia is met by imports. With the coming massive new buildings of hospitals and clinics follow a whole new range of opportunities for Danish suppliers that have established relationships or some sort of presence in the market,” says Thomas Andersen.

The delegation is directed at Danish companies providing know-how, equipment and consulting in health care infrastructure. The trip includes, among others, visiting a number of hospitals and a networking event with the participation of private and public actors in the country’s health sector. It will focus on opportunities in:
• Construction and equipping of hospitals and health clinics
• System and logistics solutions for hospitals
• IT solutions
• Equipment for disinfection and sterilization of hospital equipment
• Diagnostic products
• Medical equipment
• Education and training of health professionals

The initiative is being strengthened by the Danish embassy creating an innovative Danish-Indo Partnership in Healthcare. This partnership aims to facilitate the match between challenges and demand within Indonesian healthcare sector and Danish public and private sector solutions, approaches, technologies and products.

The embassy is creating a strategic business alliance between Danish companies on tele-health
And medical equipment, and is performing a feasibility study on the telehealth and medical equipment addressing specific health challenges.


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