Café Europa in Krabi closing after nearly 27 years

A little Scandinavian oasis in Krabi, known for its home made Danish and Scandinavian food, is closing after 26 and a half years of bringing people together, travellers as well as locals, over great food and the essential aquavit.

Café Europa was founded in 1990 by Tipakorn, Henrik and Finn, who is still running the restaurant today, but from tomorrow there the trio will close down the restaurant to focus on another project.

On 9 April Café Europa announced through their Facebook page that Wednesday 12 April 2017 will be their very last business day of Café Europa, where they’ll be open from 9am to 5pm.

By locals the restaurant is called the little Scandinavian Embassy. Maybe because of their openness for sharing advice and inside tips to their visitors. They even have a famous read called ‘tips of town’ where they share all of their insider information on what to do and see in town.

Many people are reacting to the sad news on Facebook, thanking Café Europa for the many memories they have been a part of, expressing their grief over their closing, saying they will miss the oasis of Scandinavian food and wishing them good luck in the future and with their new project. One even shared a picture of a large elephant sharing a beer with founder Henrik at the restaurant.

And elephants are exactly what is going to be the new focus point of the people behind Café Europa.

“Our new animal rescue project; Krabi Elephant Sanctuary will start fundraising beginning of may and we hope you will support this new home for old, abused, blind and retired elephants from the tourist and logging industry,” writes Café Europa on their Facebook page.

Awareness of animal abuse is not new for Café Europa. Not only are they part of Wildlife Friends Krabi, on their website they are clearly expressing the importance of saying no to elephant riding and animal abuse. They will keep people updated on their new project through Café Europa’s Facebook page.

Source: Café Europa


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