A Swede taking care of street dogs in Thailand Ast…

Thainytt 12:12pm Mar 3
A Swede taking care of street dogs in Thailand
Astrid, a kind-hearted Swede, has been living in Thailand for 40 years with her husband and they have three children together. She is retired after working at the Embassy of Sweden for 33 years but there is still a connection to the Embassy: her oldest daughter Clair is a staff member of ours. After many years working at a fulltime job, she now has time to fully take care of the big number of street dogs that lives with her and her family. Together with her daughters, she has 29 dogs and 8 cats.
She gives street dogs and cats in Thailand a second chance!
Read this “Hemmets Journal” article (in Swedish) about her family and her love for dogs.

Ingunn Melstveit 12:23pm Mar 3
Do not like!streetdogs are annoying and I’m scared of them.They carry all sorts of deseases.They should be put down,the dogs dont have a good life anyway.


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