Silver plated cutlery ฿1 – Bangkok, Thailand Ha…

Jan Egil 7:40am Jan 8
Silver plated cutlery
฿1 – Bangkok, Thailand

Have no more room in the house for things that I never use. Have been given some Silver plated cutlery the past few years but have never and will never use it. I have 4 Knives, 4 Forks but only 3 Spoons. I also have 6 Teaspoons and a sauce spoon. I live in Bangkok but travel to Pattaya once or twice a month. Prices are listed in Norwegian KRONER but the Fork cost Thb 525,- each, Knife Thb 800,- each, Spoon Thb 525,- each, Teaspoon Thb 202,- each and the sauce spoon Thb 1200,- which makes a total of Thb 8600,- Best discount price Thb 7000,-


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